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specialty programsYetkin ve yeterli bir dalıcı olabilmeniz için tüm uzmanlık kursları Diver Diamond Metodolojisine uygun olarak, doğru bilgi,doğru beceri,doğru ekipman ve doğru tecrübe ile donatılmıştır.Farklı uzmanlık kurslarını alarak ve dalışlarınızı tamamlayarak, dalıcı derecenizi daha yukarıya taşıyabilirsiniz.SSI derecelendirmeleri eğitim ve tecrübe gereksinimleri ile endüstride tektir ve belgeli kazanımlardır.
Uygun Uzmanlık Programları:

Deep Diving
EAN Nitrox
Boat Diving
Perfect Buoyancy
Search & Recovery
Dry Suit Diving
Night & Limited Visibility
Wreck Diving
Shark Diving
Underwater Photography
Equipment Techniques
Waves, Tides & Currents
Diver Stress & Rescue
İrtifa Dalışı
Science Of Diving
How to get involved:diveSSI Image: specs_01 Certified Divers – Sign up anytime! And current Open Water Diver students – Add on specialties during your open water dives! When you are ready to start your required open water dives, add on the specialty. You can do the necessary dives for the course while you are completing your open water dives. Once completed, you are already half-way through earning the dives you need to get your Specialty Diver rating, and if you take one more weekend of specialty dives, you have completed the in-water training portion of your Advanced Open Water Diver rating!At your convenience.Taking specialties is a great way to hone your skills and learn some new ones. Each SSI Specialty Program you take is also earning you credit towards higher levels of diver ratings such as Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Master Diver, Dive Control Specialist and Open Water Instructor. It only takes one day to complete the in-water training portion of your Specialty Diver rating and one weekend to complete the in-water training portion of your Advanced Open Water Diver rating.During your next vacation.When you complete the dives, you have earned credit for the water-training portion of that SSI Specialty Program. All you have left to do is to purchase the appropriate SSI Home Study Specialty Program materials, review the academics with a qualified SSI Instructor, and present your logged dives. No additional in-water training is necessary and upon completion of the course you will earn an SSI Specialty Course Card. This specialty will also count as credit towards your Specialty Diver rating, as well as any other continuing education ratings you are interested in pursuing.